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The All Stationary Association (Tüm Kırtasiyeciler Derneği-TÜKİD), has endeavoured to strengthen the status of the stationary sellers and the stationary industry in Turkey since its initial establishment and has taken the necessary steps to realise its goal with confidence and courage. By encouraging solidarity and cooperation between its members, its aim is to contribute to the economy of Turkey with business activities that benefit the members in all areas of the industry and the country. Striving to create an effective working environment in local and international platforms, our association has taken serious steps to make the Turkish stationary industry a centre of attraction in its region. TÜKİD has always supported its members, including manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, importers and retailers, in finding solutions to industry related issues they have encountered or may encounter

Dear colleagues of the stationary business,

If you want to be ahead of the competition, to raise awareness of the consumers and to stand out as a dependable institution giving priority to training,

Please contact our association right away to get a K* license.

K* Licensed Stationary Retailers

Kırtasiye Bilgi Sistemi

Kırtasiye Bilgi Sistemi

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